*Tap Tap* - Is this thing on?

I joined Mandy 2 weeks ago and have seen a lot of great looking jobs posted, I've applied to maybe 20, all relevant, all well within my skillset.

Not one response, nothing, zip.

Whats going on? are people universally rude on here?
It seems I'm in some sort of free trial mode, does that mean my applications don't actually get delivered?
Would I pay to be a member? at this point, absolutely not.

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Welcome to the club! It is definitely like this on here. I've been on here for nearly 5 years and have only had 2 solid jobs and two that have resulted in unanswered emails. I used to think that it was because I was based up North and apparently nothing else exists north of London. But I think it's just down to people not being arsed to actually reply to people.

That's reassuring as I've applied for loads of jobs on here but haven't heard a thing from any of them. At least I can see that a couple of my applications have been viewed!

Unfortunately that’s the way this page works. Your application can be viewed but it’s often ingnored.

Yes, but even that it better than the tumbleweed! :-)

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Been a member since March 18 and not had one opportunity - maybe my age, maybe it’s because I’m based in Scotland. How do youngsters get opportunities these days ....

I'm glad I saw this. My trial is due to expire and I won't bother renewing. Most of the jobs are well below anything I'd charge and the ones I've applied for have been ignored so far.

The site as a whole is a bit clunky and designed quite poorly for a creative services portal.

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