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Hi everyone!

Two breakdowns were posted by Insulting Cinema Productions under two titles: Devils Kingdom and Furious Holiday.

I was called in and got on time to find I had to wait as they were casting two projects at the same time so they were overbooked. Two other actors were waiting there ( they had been waiting for an hour apparently) and weren’t impressed with the way it was being conducted. I was asked to go for a coffee and come back? Well basically it was a big mess but it got really weird when I found out everyone was being asked to get naked in the room. Cause apparently it was “necessary”. Well, I thought, maybe they are doing it in a way that people feel comfortable. But I was wrong. Only after five minutes there one of the actors storms out, frustrated by the way he had felt during the casting.

I have no idea who was in the room but surely a lot of people did take their clothes off under the pressure of the situation and this isn't cool. Not everyone has the same experience and security to say no and it can really bring someone down.

I would like to see if there’s anyone out there reading this who did the actual audition and who’d like to report it because from what I saw people weren’t happy. If there’s anyone out there who feels they can’t speak up, I’ll do it and will report it to equity if it’s necessary. Otherwise we will just leave it. I got no intention of harming anyone’s reputation, but feel like I have to step up in this one.



Editorial Comment:
Hi all,

I just wanted to add a note to this to let everyone know that after having this reported to us by our members, for which we are very grateful, this employer has been removed from our listings. We are currently working on getting to the bottom of this, and if anyone has anything they would like to add to the investigation you are welcome to send this directly to us at so we can take everything possible into consideration.

- The Mandy Admin Team
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Get naked in a casting?!? Nope. Never. No way. Red flags and alarm bells loud enough to deafen you! There is NO WAY anyone should not have clicked there was something dodgy about the whole thing when that came up!!

Honestly I don't think Mandy are doing enough vetting of employers to keep their users safe or encourage respect for actors. I have seen so many breakdowns that are clearly quite misogynistic or where you can tell for whatever reason that the actors are going to get exploited or objectified. Its not good enough and it makes a mockery of our professionalism. And we are literally having to pay to be put at risk. Not at all surprised to see the above, I knew it was only a matter of time. Not all people have evolved enough boundaries to be able to protect themselves from these kinds of situations and its really worrying. Mandy genuinely needs to employ a member of staff who is focused on safeguarding.

This is insane. I was called in at that audition too, but luckily couldn't make it. I am so sorry anyone had to go through this. You are doing very well reporting this!!

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I also attending Insulting Cinemas audition. It was uncomfortable, unprofessional and frankly just a bit scary. I’m pleased they have been removed from Mandy.

I was at the audition, worst experience of my professional life, when I emailed them to complain on how I felt during the audition I was bombarded with threats to be reported for MY over zealous behaviour in the audition, and that I had made the whole thing up. Started to wonder if I had greatly misunderstood the situation but seeing this and hearing other people had the same sort of experience, guess not! Anyone know if they have been reported to Equity?

WHAT?! Threats? That’s just ridiculous well don’t you worry we got each other’s backs. If you get any kind of threat again report it to Mandy and equity and do let us know through here if you need anything. They’ve got the losing card tbh, they were so unprofessional.

Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences-opinions.



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Hello! Just wanted to say that I had an audition for Devils Kingdom. It was fishy from the beginning, as they didn't want to tell me more about the company or the project. As soon as I got location information and weird note that they will tell me more once they will see me - I decided not to come.
In the end, it was a good idea.

Fuen, would it be all right if I shared this info on British Actors' Network on Facebook? It's a really great group and I'd love to get the message out to avoid these 'employers' to as many people as possible!

Does anyone have any further details? I can't find anything using the companies name. Important to find out who's behind the company as a name change is so simple.

Their theatre company is Wet Paint Theatre, that's the only other name i had associsted with them is really important to let Equity know about these the rules for this are clear about needing your full consent etc ... They will look into it . So sorry any of you had to encounter such treatment

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