Production company offers £50.00 for licensed drone operator..seriously!

How are film production companies (term used lightly) allowed to post jobs like this: for a licensed drone operator. Offering a total of £50.00 for a few hours work, when we all know 'it is never just a few hours work!'
Disgraceful and unprofessional.

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The real issue isn't even the amount of hours involved, it's the bare-faced cheek of offering such a low hourly rate for a skill (plus equipment) that has cost the owner several thousands to acquire.

I see casting calls for drone operators with drones capable of supporting an Arri camera... and they offer £150 for the day, which is way too low. Just hiring a robust and good quality drone can cost a few hundred quid in itself, never mind the skill in piloting the damned thing.

Then you have to factor in insurance in case the drone gets damaged, etc. And there are licensing costs. Some film makers are oblivious to real costs involved.

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Id suggest you forward them a catalogue of quality drones complete with price list .Then tell them if they'd care to buy it and insure it , then you'll be happy to fly it . Im sure once they fully appreciate the costs involved , they might have a little rethink

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