Under consideration!!

I haven't seen this in my job applications for a long time just viewed!However I have had work..Has it been stopped?
Interested to see if others are getting Under Consideration still.

  • 2 weeks ago
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Yeah, it's still there (and working - I had one recently). In my opinion there isn't much use or need for it. Most employers don't seem to use it anyway, even if you are under consideration!

  • Sue Parker-Nutley
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  • 8 hours ago
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Yes, Taryn, it's still there, but as Mark says, not of much value. I've been booked in the past and not even been viewed!
I do hate the red "unsuccessful" though!

Thank you for letting me know Mark. Yes it doesn’t mean much I know but just something o had noticed. Good luck with everything x

To get booked without a view is very odd. Sue . LOL I hate the red unsuccessful too . Very negative and it catches the eye when looking at who has viewed.

As a matter of bizarre interest I just got a red "unsuccessful" on a job that I actually did!

Oh how funny David

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