Seven Casting Agency Manchester

Morning everyone. I have an appointment this afternoon to join the above agent as an “extra” paying an up front fee of £50. However I have read that they take months to pay you often being threatened before payment is finally settled. Can members shed any further light before I decide to go this afternoon and pay my £50.

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Don't ever pay upfront fees to join an agency. It's that simple.

I didn’t go to the casting. Decided against it. However if any one has any further information on the above agency ref payment it would be good to share for all to read. Thanks in advance Dave

If you're happy to pay an up-front fee (the usual advice is NEVER DO IT!) to an extras agency, and happy to maybe have to threaten the agency after chasing them for months for money they owe you - then sure, go for it.

But given those two things - why the heck would you ?!?

Best place for info is the various Facebook extras groups.

Thanks Mark for the advice. I will do that.

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