How to spot a non legit casting?

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Hi , looking for advice please.
Job just came up (kids job) , info says will be open for a few days. I applied for my kid. Within 5 minutes I had a reply expressing interest and asking for a contact email address and the job immediately closed.
Am I being overly suspicious? Thanks in advance.

Editorial Comment:
Hi there,

It appears in this case that the employer closed the job and attempted to relist it at a rate beneath our minimum acceptable rate for Kids, which means we have not yet been able to reactivate it. I can see how this would cause alarm but please be assured that aside from this issue the employer was vetted and verified. If we can clear this up again we'll be able to relist the job, so long as it conforms with our standards. Sorry for the confusion, and if you ever feel uncertain do feel free to reach out to us ( and we'll happily help you out.

Best wishes,

The Mandy Admin Team
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On the whole I think Mandy do a pretty good job of screening the castings ok here, although you are of course right to be cautious.

We know of experiences on other sites of posters attempting to contact kids directly, so it is important to be vigilant.

Our experience of referring concerns to Mandy (in our case it was people operating without licensing the kids) is that they have stepped in and intervened, so if you ever have any concerns then I would definitely raise it with them.

The only other issue we have had is responding to castings which are just fishing expeditions to get likes or to build a contact list to then try to sell you something else. That's pretty tedious, but not dangerous, and again I can see from the past applications list that Mandy have removed some of these posts, presumably for this reason.

I guess we all just need to keep our wits about us and share any concerns or negative experiences, because the vast majority of stuff is fine, but as in the real world it is important to have your radar fully working at all times.

Good luck!

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