LA Gaffer/Cinematographer/Key Grip Looking For Gigs

Edoardo Achilli

Hi everyone!!!

I'm trying to increase my network and make some extra money. I've been working in the industry for almost 3 years, mainly in the camera team or in the G&E department.
I own 6 LED 1x1 bicolor dimmable lights and some other G&E miscellaneous.

Here are the links to some of my works and credits:

Please hit me up if you have any job opportunity.

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David Wang
David Wang

Hi!DPor Director
$3000/day ARRI Cameras, lenses Atlas Anamorphic/i (40,65,100mm) or ARRI Ziess Ultra Prime Lenses T1.9 (16/24/32/50/85mm) , G&E, walker talkies,table,chair,much more
Red, Alexa Mini, Arri, Zeiss, Cooke, Canon, Joker, Kino Flo, Angeniuex, Skypanel , Grip, Sound, Walkies, Easyrig, Honda Generators, Bartech, Teradek, TV Logic, Ronin 2, Fog Machine, Joker,
26 Foot Grip Truck. 16 Foot Van Merzedes-Benz
Atlas Anamorphic/i (40,65,100mm)
Astera AX1 Pixel Tubes

King Film USA Group
1909 w Burbank Blvd Burbank CA 91506
Monday thru Friday
Pick up 2:00pm-6:00pm
Return 9:00am -12:00 noon


King Film David

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Michael Hatch
Michael Hatch
Production Co-ordinator

Looking for PA/Grip work: 2019 UC Berkeley Grad w/10+ years BTL Generalist & Sound Stage Manager experience. Brains & brawn for your production.

Brief Background: I've PA'd, AD'd and PM'd for director Jerry Zucker (2007-2009), I was Owner-Operator of the Dirt Cheap Sound Stage in Santa Monica (2019-2013), and stage manager at Thunder Studios (2016-2018). I have tons of experience handling light & grip equipment, and other production gear. I recently returned to complete my undergrad BA, and I graduated from Cal in August 2019.

I'm looking for short-medium term PA/Grip/etc. gigs while I hunt for a career "forever home". If you want a unifying image, I'm the guy who'll get in that dumpster to mash it down and save the production money by maxing out a 40-yard roll-off without being told to do so. I'm not above any task, or taking orders from any supervisor, whatever their age.

I'm a respectful, loyal, dutiful, and appreciative BTL supergrunt who has the experience to anticipate problems and foresee dangers and other issues. My fitness is strong but my experience is my strongest asset...from assembling 12x12 frames, building flats, erasing permanent marker off whiteboards or plunging toilets, I know most of the things. I'm an Eagle Scout and a nut for safety, I'll make any set I'm on less dangerous, more reassured, and by my example I'll raise the bar for the level of activity expected onset. There is no downtime, just opportunities to get ahead of the next moves. I'm also very comfortable in Art Dept and really enjoy learning from more experienced carpenters, painters, and other craftspeople.

I am open to converting short term into long-term gigs, and in a perfect world, I would love to get on a path to eventually return to permanent Production Coordinator or PM positions, or on a union path in other BTL departments. I'm also completely happy taking a 4-day gig and keeping my head down w/o hassling you about moving up, a good day's honest work is its own reward.

Referrals avail upon request.

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