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  • 1 week ago
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Looking for anyone who can help !

Been on IMDb tonight and seen a few casting I would like to apply for via Mandy and the new IMDb/ Mandy relationship.

When clicking on the casting it throws me to the Mandy site but won’t let me apply as I am registered on Mandy kids and, I assume, not the adult version of Mandy. It won’t let me create more than one profile either so I can’t apply for anything showing on IMDb

I’m about to turn 16 and would be the required age at production. hopefully turning 16
Will open a door or two more or at least give me some more jobs to apply for !

Any assistance would be great.

Editorial Comment:
Hi Ellie,

We can only allow a profile on either kids or actors due to the different requirements of both sites. Wherever the character requirement looks like it might overlap we try to check with the employer to see if we can make it available to both. If you have nay questions about a specific post we can look into for you please feel free to contact us at

Best wishes,

Mandy Admin Team
  • 1 week ago
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