Can we have several agents?

Jonathan Brandt


I would to have some advices concerning agents:

I have a non exclusive agent. But I would to join other agencies specialised in specific branch (voice-over, theatre, TV and Film).

I wonder if it was possible to have several agents?

I know an actor who has 2 voice over agent and one TV and film.

I don't what I should do?

What do you think?

I thank you anyone for your advices and your help.

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Lauren Douglin

It depends on the contract you are signing with each agent. Whether it is exclusive and for which medias. Probably best to first research which agents offer non-exclusivity and if you are unsure, to state you have other agents/ are looking for various agents who rep different media formats

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Jonathan Brandt

Thank you so much Lauren! It helps me a lot!!! I will do some research first before applying.

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Heather Rome
Heather Rome

Many "general" agents will cover theatre, film and commercials but not cover a lot, or any voiceover work as that sector has exploded and is changing so fast that they feel it is too hard to keep on top of what rates are being offered vs. what is often being offered.
A good general agent will try and get you work in a variety of areas and will have contacts built up over time. They will not really like you to be repped by another general agent in case of potential clashes in submissions - if you are seen for a good, well-paying job but were submitted by both agents, who is actually entitled to the commission if you are hired? By all means have separate general and voiceover agents but be wary of being repped by several agencies, none of which are particularly good. Sometimes you just have to go with who wants you if you are not getting interviews or offers from solid, well-establlished agents but your aim should be one solid general agent with a decent track record.

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Jonathan Brandt

Thanks you so much for the advice Heather. Being repped by several agencies through the choice I'll make is one of my fears actually. I will be careful.

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