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Samantha Nicholas

Hey everyone, so I'm located in Toronto ànd I'm just interested in developing some connections with anyone in related to film, tv, theater, production. LOCATED IN TORONTO. I'm looking for camera and crew members actors, dancers, models, directors, producers pretty much anyone in the industry. Just to develop a social network and possibly collaborate at some point in the future. So any on located in Toronto I'm interested in knowing a little about you who you are and what are your areas of expertise.

I'll go first! My name is Samantha Nicholas I'm 26 years old I'm an actress, I've done modeling and I'm currently studying at Toronto film school for acting :)

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Kudakwashe Rutendo

Hey Samantha,

I am an aspiring actress in Toronto too! I've done alot of theatre work and had some private training in voice, and drama. Im a first year student at University of Toronto :)

  • 6 months ago
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Sarah Webster

Hey Samantha,

Love this idea! My name is Sarah Webster, I'm an actress/model from Toronto. I graduated from Seneca at York University for acting in June and am currently working full time as an actress. :)

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Charlene McCallum
Charlene McCallum
Voice Over: Canadian

Hi Samantha, I've a Voice Over Actress. I'm actually in Richmond Hill, so North Toronto haha! I've voiced audiobooks, elearning videos, real estate videos, erotica, podcasts, training videos and commercials. So I'm trying to break into the film industry in Toronto now so I think your idea is great, count me in!

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Kevin Huhn
Kevin Huhn

Hey Samantha - great idea!
I am business exec, author, recently turned actor living in the GTA. I have a mixed bag of on camera/behind the mic gigs. (Like my TV show, co-hosted a show, had a radio show and podcast). I decided to get take a chance and get into movie acting.
You mentioned possible future collaborations - that resonates with me as I have a project of my own to do a musical. (just writing all the storyline stage - so one day).

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Rosina Filice

Hi Samantha! Great idea! I'm a 24 year old Toronto-based actor and singer (indie folk, musical theatre, and jazz mainly) and graduate of the Music Theatre Performance Program at St. Lawrence College. I've done mostly theatre but am trying to break into film as well as grow my music career (currently looking for co-writers for indie folk music).

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Danny Barrios

Hey Samantha - good idea!

My name is Danny Barrios. I'm an 18 year old actor in Mississauga. I've taken acting lessons in the Toronto Academy of Film and I'm currently enrolled in improv classes at The Living Arts Centre :)

  • 5 months ago
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Josianne Ahern-Chiasson

Hey guys,

My name is Josianne Ahern-Chiasson, I've studied a year of Theatre at York and recently graduated from the Acting for Media program at GBC. Building my demo reel while working on a few interesting projects!

Great idea Samantha :)

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Pegah Donna
Pegah Donna

Hey everyone,
Tnx for starting this network group Samantha

  • 5 months ago
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Sarah Marks
Sarah Marks

Hi Everyone! I am Sarah Marks, I am working full time as an actor in Toronto after graduating from Brock University for Dramatic Arts. My main focus is film/tv but I am continuing to do theatre on the side to ensure I'm always busy and working. I'm excited to meet more Toronto actors!

  • 5 months ago
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Eden Mulate
Eden Mulate

Hey Guys,
My name is Eden, I am an actress and model. I love doing film work!

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User Deleted
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I am Bahaa Talis, TV director (over than 10 years of tv and commercial productions wearing different hats)
current projects:
-working producing&presenting TV show//weakly//magazine news style//Ar/Eng//for the Arabic community in Canada-Produced by Republic23TV
-developing content [to be pithed] for Hulu/Crave//Netflix (if you think u r creative, having knowledge of different communities in Canada, able to create scenes, able to tell stories, have an interesting one to share and or and ready to invest in your time you may contact me knowing that you do not have to be a professional writer!
we are writing a cosmopolitan black comedy thing!

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User Deleted
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Hello folks,

My name is John Elios and I'm an established actor and just entered the 2020 Mandy Monologue competition. You can view my video and like if you wish by clicking my profile name and then scrolling down to monologue reel. Or you can use this link if it works for you. I've included my IMDb page as well. Thanks John.

  • 4 months ago
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David' Headon

Hi Samantha , and hi everybody!

I'm a Canadian Actor, Musician, Camera Operator/1stAC-focus-puller Assistant, and Sound ( Boom Mic ) Operator.

I have worked on British Daytime TV Drama series 'Doctors' BBC-1 Daytime ( 2000- ongoing )
Popular BBC Children's Show 'In The Night Garden'
films as extra/
The Hurricane ( 1999 Starring Denzell Washington, Dir Norman Jewison )
Bait ( 1999 - starring Jamie Foxx, Dir Antoine Fucha )
Blues Brothers2000 ( John Landis )

Also in episodic TV shows for HBO, CBC 'Street Legal' and more.

Currently reading for several parts in Toronto and New York, confirmed to play in one mid-length feature in Toronto for Verve Image,
'La Nouvelle Vague' - as 'Bruno', a gangster.

Hope you are all having fun with challenging roles!

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B Yee Joseph
B Yee Joseph

how do I get my share link for the monologue competition?

  • 4 months ago
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Dayyaan Jameel

Hey Samantha et al,

I'm Dayyaan and I'm an aspiring writer/director/actor/producer. I haven't been doing it for long, actually just started taking classes a few months ago. This is something I've always wanted to do and decided it's time to give it a real effort rather than the daydream treatment.

I'm looking to collaborate and share ideas with any and all who are interested! Let's get in touch and get started.


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Gabriel Gherutchi

Actor myself. Pleasure to meet you all.

Everybody holding up Ok?

  • 3 months ago
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Branden Rennie

I'm Branden Thomas Rennie and I'm a Stage Actor and a Stage Manager operating in Markham. I also write a journal and sometimes creatively. If you'd like a hand at anything I'm well trained.

  • 1 month ago
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Tylor Van Riper

Hello Everyone! What a darling idea, Ms. Samantha!

I'm Tylor, as the name states, and I'm originally from the Southern Alberta Prairies. I came to Toronto in 2014 to go to Randolph and zipped off to the UK after that to study for my Master's degree in Musical Theatre. After working in the UK for a moment, my visa expired, and I missed Toronto, so I moved back and took some much needed time off of performing.

Before the quarantine, I was dusting off the cobwebs with some Second City classes, and reconnecting with theatre friends who I missed so much! I have made use of my time in isolation to work hard on my skills as a pianist & songwriter, and doing film classes with plenty of self tapes. I now plan to venture more into Film & TV.

I am, of course, open to some collabs. Maybe I will see some of you around!

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Matthew Hung
Matthew Hung

Hello Everyone,

I'm Matthew and I'm an aspiring actor. Been training at LB Studio. Looking to get some experience.

  • 2 weeks ago
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Sani Jalalzadeh

Hi everyone,

Great idea Samantha, I would also love to collaborate with fellow filmmakers. I also graduated from the Toronto Film School at the end of last year. I've done a couple of theater productions but have been mainly focusing on tv, film, and commercials. During quarantine, I have started to develop and work on my voice over work and to create a voice demo reel to break into this part of the industry.

If anyone is ever interested to collaborate just shoot me an email and let me know if you'd like to get creative on a project!

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