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Ellie Jayne Titmuss
Ellie Jayne Titmuss
Child Actor

Hi all Just wondered as we have had few of these recently if your profile has been found via Mandy by an unregistered user does it mean that somebody has been physically looking up your profile or is it just the robots? Thank you

Editorial Comment Hello Ellie,

Thank you for your question, The most likely cause of these unregistered users are bots, short for robots, indexing information on behalf of Search engines. These views are not malicious and there is no need to be concerned.

Should you wish to hide your profile from google searches, this can be done on your profile settings. You are able to google any of the IP addresses that are attached to the unregistered user and find out where they are registered to. If you do find the IP address is linked repeatedly to an individual or to a company you believe are using our site for inappropriate or unlawful purposes I strongly urge you to report it to both ourselves and the relevant authorities.

All the Best

The Mandy Team

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