What’s your type cast?

Will Brigham
Will Brigham

Hey everyone,

How we look plays a big role on us as actors, as it tells us the types of roles we might play!

So just for fun, if you comment on this post, I’ll tell you what I would cast you as just based off first looks at your profiles.

Feel free to let others know on this thread too what you would cast them as!

And please remember this is just my opinion, so don’t feel like this is what everyone thinks of you, it’s just my opinion.

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Andrea Gould
Andrea Gould

I've got some more ideas after doing some thinking!
Pauline Pericaud: primary school teacher, ballet dancer or yoga teacher
Lauren Metcalfe: footballers wife, beautician
Mia Michaud: devious mistress, having an affair with married man
Alice Allen: singer in an indie band
Ancuta Breanna: dancer, mystical character
Bask Victory: villain in a Bond film, or family man with dark past
Melissa Pool: clever daughter of a crazy middle aged woman, a bit quirky
Daryl Wilding: footballer, bar owner or builder.
That's all for now!

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Zakariya Hajjaj

Go on the ?!

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