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Kelly Condron
Kelly Condron
Voice Over: English

Is anyone having issues with the new upload system?

When it converts my file it seems to distort it, both when I listen back and download the file. the original file is perfect my end. I'm uplaoding 44100 16 bit 128kbs mp3 files.

Editorial Comment Hello everyone,

Thank you all for your input and feedback, as we develop our service all feedback is gratefully received. If you would like to tailor your recordings to the new features specifications you can find the technical details below:

On desktop computers and laptops:

The Flash client will record audio using NellyMoser's ASAO codec at 44.1 kHz in a .flv container. This is converted to AAC at 44.1 kHz in an .mp4 file.
The HTML5 client will record audio using Opus codec at 48 kHz in a .webm container. We convert it to AAC at 48 kHz in an .mp4 file.

On mobile devices:

When recording audio from mobile devices a wide range of containers and audio codecs will be used depending on the device and Android version. As of now the following codecs and containers are supported.

mp3 mp3
m4a aac
3gp amr-nb
3gpp amr-nb
3gpp2 amr-nb
aac aac

All of them are converted to .mp4 files with AAC while keeping the original sampling frequency.

If you have any further questions over how to best optimise your applications please do contact

Mandy Admin

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Kelly Condron
Kelly Condron
Voice Over: English

Agreed, and I have never sent a stereo file in my 16 years over being a Voice over.

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Will Harrison-Wallace
Will Harrison-Wallace
Voice Over: English

Just dipped into this topic and read all the posts.
I’ve had a year away from Mandy but rejoined recently - and would echo the negative experience many of you have found with uploads and sound quality. My files have a tinny distorted quality.
I am reassured at least that the problem is not exclusively mine - although that is scant consolation!
If files need to be uploaded using certain parameters why on earth isn’t this clearly highlighted on the job application page.

My return to this site has definitely not been positive thus far...

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