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Ellie Hemmings
Ellie Hemmings
Child Actor


Im about to turn 16 and see there are a number of suitable jobs posted on Mandy found via my IMDb page (not Mandy kids) however, it won't let me apply as I don't have a full Mandy profile. Has anyone any experience or knowledge on how to move from Mandy kids to Mandy? From what I have ready so far it looks like you have to start a brand new profile

Any help and guidance appreciated.


Editorial Comment Hi Ellie,

For reasons of legality we have to allow Kids profiles to only apply to Kids jobs - we always work to make applicable jobs available on both where that's possible, but that has to be run by the employer so we're sure they're taking the extra steps necessary. You will be able to join Mandy Actors when you reach the age of 18.

Please get your guardian to contact us at if you have any further questions - as ever, all kids profiles must be maintained under the supervision of a guardian so we can ensure the safety of our younger actors.

Best wishes,

Mandy Admin Team

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