New Upload System (Again) No help from Mandy on 1st post

Stephen Small
Stephen Small
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What is going on with the new upload system? It is embarrassing to present my auditions on it and to be quite frank, I feel it could be damaging our careers rather than helping them.

As VOs, all we have to work with is the sound of our voice and the quality of our recordings, and we work tirelessly to present these in the crispest, clearest way. To be forced to present our recordings in this hideously degraded way to potential clients is no doubt ruining our reputations as artists - And it can't be that fun for the clients to have to listen to all the crap-sounding auditions either.

You have made a couple of points in your response to another post regarding this subject but then you've gone completely radio silent, as more people have jumped on explaining their own issues and frustration. You haven't offered any help or explanation at all.

The player may work well for video on your actor sites, but for audio recordings it is sub standard and I can see its continued use leading to a lot of VOs leaving - and a lot of potential clients. They will just favour listening to clean recordings on another site.

This may seem like a small issue, but our auditions are our first contact with a potential client. It would be like you turning up to a business meeting with a new client in shorts and T-shirt.

Sort this out - or we'll just leave.

Editorial Comment Hello all,

While we continue to monitor the original forum post for feedback we invite individual conversation to the email we included as it is our primary channel for contact.

Essentially, because the system compresses larger files, it's recommended to compress especially large files prior to upload so that it is web-ready in order to limit the effect of compression. The purpose of the system is for a preview of your voice and your voice acting ability - if technical quality is significant to a particular role you are welcome to host these samples on your profile, refer to your voice reel or include links in your cover letter to supplement your application.

Feedback from employers has been extremely positive - they are now able to manage and listen to recordings at a scale they were previously unable to and integrate those all-important demo read requests into their listing with greater ease. This has come with a noted increase in employer engagement with our members, and is in line with our goal of increasing the accessibility of paid work to our member base.

Thank you again for your feedback, and if you have anything new to report please contact us at for further support.

Best wishes,

Mandy Admin Team

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