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Jaylie Wayling

Hi All!
I've been trying to create platforms for my work on social media (such as instagram and twitter) and I was wondering if anyone knows any useful accounts, either for casting or anything related to acting? Maybe even ones that are holding self tape challenges at the moment. Hopefully this can help to spread some useful information to everyone!
Many thanks,

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Lauren Douglin


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Andrew Gruffudd

Whilst not Instagram or Twitter, you might find of use. It's a paid service, but the service you get is out of this world. You get classes from actors such as David Schaal and Asa Butterfield, on all sorts of topics, and there are the self-tape challenges such as a past one whereby you tape yourself doing a monologue in a different accent than your own, but these are currently fortnightly (usually monthly). They also have an agency in their portfolio. If you just want to follow them on Twitter they are @rsactorsgym. If you join, please be sure to tell them I sent you :)

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Jaylie Wayling

Thank you so much for your help!

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