What influences got you interested in being in the creative arts/ music / theatre field?

Marisol Sepulveda

I grew up watching old movies with Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby. I always loved watching concerts on PBS. My first inspiration into music was when I watched the Nutcracker with Mikail Barishnkov. I’m sorry I butchered his name. I remember rewinding the vhs tape over and over again when I was two years old. Then at around 12 years old, I was listening to the radio during Christmas time, and I heard the most beautiful voice I ever heard sing “Oh, holy night”. Josh Groban my Idol. From there, classical music gave me a sense of wonderment to improving my studying to just pure enjoyment. During middle school I attended theatre/ art and creative writing camps. All of those camps shaped who I am and who I want to become. I love being creative. It’s a thrill like nothing else. I once stayed up all night writing and creating a song for guy I had a crush on. To me, music is not just a past time , it’s a life style. It is like the fuel that gives you energy to start your day. I sing almost everyday. Music and singing inspires me to thrive beyond my capabilities and into a new scope of possibilities.

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