Livestreamer jobs?

Indra J. Adler

There seems to be a flurry of calls for Livestreamers at the moment. Are these legit?

Editorial Comment Hi Indra,

A valid question, and one we'd like to answer publicly for anyone else who has been wondering the same.

We had the same question when they first came to us, and we managed to confirm the following:

- The posters, all established casting professionals, are working on behalf of the live-streaming app company (whose name I unfortunately do not have the permission to divulge). This is why you might see different profiles listing the same opportunity with slight variations.

- The applicant can expect to make a guaranteed minimum sum, paid directly to them from the company. Although the platform does generally operate on commission (think Twitch or similar) this would be in addition to the guaranteed rate, to help support the app's growth.

- The opening grants creative control to the talent, and is not prescribed. You would therefore set your own limitations on what you are comfortable broadcasting, presumably within the apps own terms of service.

It's unusual, and there was some discussion on whether we should post it, but ultimately we opted to respect the autonomy of our members once we had confirmed it was legitimate and safe. It will not be for everyone, but we cannot discount the value of paid work especially in such a time of comparative scarcity.

I hope this makes sense, and as ever if you do have concerns about a job, listing or employer please do contact us at and we'll always be happy to take a second look in the interests of safety and certainty.

Best wishes,

The Mandy Admin Team

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Tony Coughlan

I have a few bombard me, it’s not for me but good luck to anyone who fancies doing it.

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