I'm back everyone...

Bern Collaço

Hello Everyone
I'm back!
I rejoined today as I have been at home with no work since the start of March 2020 due the pandemic. I used to be with CCP before they joined with Mandy. I would like to get some work asap and welcome any paid work offers from clients.
Thank you

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Sue Parker-Nutley

Hi Bern
Wouldn't we all!
It's a lean time for everyone.
You just need to keep applying for anything suitable and be extremely proactive.
Don't wait until you get the email from Mandy - check the jobs several times each day.
Often the CD gives up looking after the first 50 applications.
Good Luck.

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Bern Collaço

Thanks Sue for your advice.... I really hope that the situation improves rapidly for everyone.

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Andrew Gruffudd

Not only do I echo Sue's advice, but you might find it beneficial to create your own YouTube channel as well. Talk about your expertise, act out some monologues, do whatever you feel. If you play it right and steer clear of controversial topics (maybe!), you'll not only be making a name for yourself, but you can also make some good money. Be proactive and succeed!

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