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Matthew Tyrrell

Hi there!

So I have been applying to numerous film and theatre gigs on Mandy and so far have had no response. There’s a part of me that believes it’s a lot to do with my cover letter being very weak, so I would love to hear advice and suggestions on how to write an effective cover letter!

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Sue Parker-Nutley

Hi Matthew.
I doubt it has anything to do with the cover letter - many, many CDs don't even read it! Although, saying that, always make your cover letter personal to the particular job, giving any information relevant to the role - and always confirm your availability for the dates given.
The two most important tools in the actor's tool box are a good head shot (yours is fair, so that's ok) and a show reel. I see you are lacking the latter. The show reel indicates to the CD that you can act and react and is vital when they are considering you for a role.
I suggest you get yourself a show reel as soon as possible, and then you will probably find that the auditions come flooding in!
Good Luck!

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Matthew Tyrrell

Thanks for the advice Sue! Yeah, I definitely need myself a showreel at some point, so that’s something!

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Chloe Wigmore

Hi Matthew, I would echo Sue's advice. I think you have some lovely headshots, but CDs are very hot on show reels because it does help them narrow their choices down. If there is any chance you could shoot something by yourself or with friends in lockdown then it might be an idea so you have something to put together. Hope that helps good luck Chloe

  • 3 weeks ago
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Matthew Tyrrell

Hi Chloe! Thank you for the advice. I did a short film for YouTube a while ago which I’ve uploaded into my Mandy profile, but filming something by myself or with friends is a neat idea which I may look further into!

  • 3 weeks ago
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