Casting Call Pro's First Networking Event

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Casting Call Pro has now been running for a little over a year and with the festive season around the corner we felt what better time to arrange a get together.

A social networking event where you can mix and mingle with other actors, agents and industry professionals whilst also getting the opportunity to celebrate CCP becoming 1 year old.

The event will be held on Friday 2nd December in Islington, London.

For full details please:

Find out more details

A detailed email will be sent out later in the week but if you know you are free and plan to come, please use the link above to keep us informed of your plans - that way we'll know who to expect and how to recognize them.

We look forward to seeing you there,

Chris, Simon & Hannah

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  • Alexander Helm
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  • 3 days ago
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Yeah I am just wondering how we are all gonna fit into this place. I guess its a big venue.

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I CAN COME - HUZZAH!! Bit annoyed that have lost out on the work front but in the wise old words of Mr Wilde himself, 'work is the curse of the drinking class'. Never a truer word said. Look forward to squeezing by you!!

H x

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I hope you have all been very, very good!!!

Ho, Ho...

Merry Christmas...

From Santa...

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Sorry cant make it. On Tour at moment. Hope you all have great time tonight.

  • Steve Campbell
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  • 3 months ago
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have to say hope u all have a great time tonight. catch u at the next one i hope

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We - certainly did!!!


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It was a good night - great to catch up with so many of you and put a face to your...ermm...face! Must confess to having something of a sore head this morning.

Thanks to the guys at CCP for organising the bash - hope the bar tab wasn't too bad

Looking forward to the next one.

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In true Hurst style...

I arrived at 8.05pm...

Just after the freebies had ended!!!

Needless to say...

What a great success - the evening was; my thanks to Chris, Simon & Hannah for bringing us all together; smashing!!!


Hi All,

1st time writing anything on the site!!

Just want to say you can count me in on the next networking evening as i loved the summer social and met a lot of great people.

See ya all there

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