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I haven't been with CCP for long but I just wanted to ask those who might know how long companies actually take to view any applications you make. The 'my applications' option lets you know the status of any past applications and having applied for a couple of things now, they apparently still haven't been viewed. Eg. Bored of the Rings and the Lily Allen music video which is being shot this Thursday and Friday. Can anyone enlighten me or is that all standard?!

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Hi Kate

Firstly welcome!

Every company is different, I've had some companies view me on the same day of my application and then email me on the same day/or not as the case may be!

Other companies view me a few days after, and some not at all. In fact, looking at my viewed/not viewed status, it looks like about 65% of my applications are viewed.

I'm not sure if this is the same for everyone else, but certainly it may mean that our covering letter ought to change to entice the casting director to look at our profiles!



Yeah. I find the most bizarre thing is when they view you one week, give you no feedback, and then do it again three weeks later. But I guess people are whittling down a shortlist at that point, or whatever...

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From a producers perspective, we will receive close to 500 applications every time a casting call is posted and more if it is a paid job. In most cases by the time you get to 80 you are oversubscribed and there is no point in viewing any more. Then when they do not show up or negotiations fall through or you simply dont like them you start looking at more options. Alternatively the shooting schedule will change and when that happens recruiting actors goes last on the 'to do ' list because that is considered the easiest bit. So if they are looking at you rprofile three weeks alter chances are that they are only looking now or need a replacement. It is rare that we will send out an email telling you that we looked at your profile but did not like you.................... but if they are still looking then at least you know that they are probably considerng you or someone in the office likes seeing your picture!

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that all makes sense, thanks kind people!

I think my main worry was that because the applications carried a "not viewed" status, they might have got lost along the way...
I can totally understand from a producer's of casting director's point of view that after trawling through eighty odd applications, the thought of seeing 400 more is, pretty grim!

It's a good thing to get in with applications really soon after castings are posted then.

Kate x

Editorial Comment:
Employers have to confirm their email address before posting jobs on CCP, so applications should always sent to a valid email address.

Your application is only marked as 'viewed' when the employer actually views your CCP profile using the link provided.

Should your cover letter contain additional links (spotlight etc) we can't track if an employer clicks on these links. So we suggest (a) you make your cover letter as relevant as possible and (b) you don't include links to your spotlight profile, as it stops the tracking mechanism.

In the new 'personal address book' feature, we have improved the tracking system and you can see when an employer reads your email. We'll be expanding this to cover the application system in the near future.



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I think that if you put in direct contact details (your personal website, for example) that may well result in a 'Not Viewed'. AFAIK the site only registers a view when someone has looked at your profile rather than at your email submission.

That's my understanding of how the system works too. If the advertiser clicks through your online application direcetly to you CCP profile the CCP system registers that as "viewed".

If however, you put a weblink to someother (external to CCP) online profile in your application and they click through to a thrid party site then this doesn't register as viewed on the CCP system.


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Yup I think Forbes is right there was a thread about thi s before somewhere...... I shall have a look thorugh!

Forbes is right guys! I checked on this with Chris and the gang! I always used to apply for a job by only citing my personal web-site, which did in fact result in my application being "not viewed" as far as the CCP system was concerned. I now always state that my web-site can be viewed "via my Profile" which has resulted in my notices of being "Viewed" increasing dramatically.
Hope this helps!

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My applicaton says viewed... however what does ' past application' mean?

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Hi Everyone,

Some of my applications are marked as ''viewed'', some are not. My question is simple - what happens after an application is marked as ''viewed'', do they contact you to tell you if you're chosen or not, does the status change to ''booked'' or ''released''?

Thanks a lot!

Antonia :)

The application status is a very unreliable gauge of whether or not you are in contention.

Sometimes, your application is listed as 'Under Consideration', and even then, it doesn't mean an audition or job will actually surface.

If listed as 'Viewed' then your application has been looked at. They will message you via the website, or telephone you if they wish to take things further.

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Hi Lewis,

Thanks a lot for your response! :)
I can only wait and see then! Haha!

Have a wonderful day! :)

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