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Hi Everyone,

As mentioned in the title, I am looking for a very good and versatile hip hop dancer. I need a partner, male or female to choreograph a series of routines with, for marketing and prommotional purposes. This is not paid work, however, the work we put together now will always have its beneficial consequences. It will also give you a chance to put your choreographic ideas onto someone elses body as well as work with a focussed, passionate and business minded individual (thats me!!).
This is fun, but this is also business, My partner will also want to prommote him/herself on a wider scale as a performer, choreographer, and or teacher.
Skills required: Nu-style/street choreography. popping, locking, house, and acrobatics/gymnastics (not a major necessity). Should also be able to freestyle.
If you are interested, Please get in touch with me.
P.S - I have free rehearsal space based in Hertfordshire.

Warm Regards,
James Dacres - astranomics@googlemail.com

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