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Can anyone recommend any good modern female monologues for the more mature woman :)

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you could do worse than look at Stephanie in Duet for One, Tom Kempinski.. Brilliant play.

Children's Children by Matthew Dunster is amazing. 3 male, 3 female characters, a range of ages, all with fantastic monologues. Good luck!


You could try 'That Face' by Polly Stenham. Martha, the mother is a great character. Or alternatively, I happen to think Charlotte Jones is a fantastic writer and there are some brilliant parts for women in her plays.

Looking for monologues is time consuming I know but there are definitely some hidden gems out there - Good luck and happy searching! x

Filumena, by Eduardo de Filippo.

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My only thoughts are: ...don't do Beverly - Abigails party...its been done to Death...as has Victoria wood's writing!

The suggestions made are very much more imaginative. However, just take an hour or two and try writing your own based real life experience/s I think you'd be amazed as to what you can come up with! It only need be 2 mins or less in all probability. Take the director on a range of emotion....they will be thrilled you wrote your own monologue...and so will you be!

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Laughing Wild by Christopher Durang - there's great female role in there ranting about tuna.

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lol love that one, especially when performed together with the male one

Women on Fire by Irene O'Garden
12 Monologues all age ranges from 15 or so to 80 or so...

Thanks all, I've bookmarked this page. Sally in Children's Children is just right for me, thank you Natalie Hughes; and also Sharon for asking the question, very helpful!

Great question...thanks everyone for your generosity in recommending stuff. I will be checking things out.

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