Uploading space...is it enough?

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Iv just tried to upload a short film (approx 1.5gb) to CCP but it states that it only allows a poxy 200MB.
How is this ever going to be enough when the majority of films (if you want them to be to a reasonable standard) are more then 200MB..
Is there any possibility of CCP increasing the storage for short films to be uploaded.
Are there a lot of subscribed CCP's who are also frustrated with this and think that what we pay for should allow us to have more storage?
It would also be good for a CCP representative to provide their views on this....

Editorial Comment:
Our system allows you to upload files up to 200MB in size so a 1.5GB file can't be uploaded.

In general remember that employers are viewing clips to get an idea of your acting skills and physical characteristics, not to watch an entire film.

In addition employers don't tend to watch more than 3 minutes of a video clip, so we suggest you focus on uploading 3 minutes clips, anything longer tends to be ignored.

A 200MB file can usually support around 15mintues of footage at a very reasonable screen size.

So it's worth going back to your editor and asking them to reduce the screen size (600 pixel width is usually enough) so the entire film takes up less disc space.

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Wesley, maybe upload your film to YouTube for everyone to see if they have the time and as CCP said employers are viewing clips to get an idea of your acting skills and physical characteristics, not to watch an entire film.

I would tend to agree with the CCP response here. In terms of using CCP as a hosting server for complete films, it is probably a waste of effort, for the reasons stated: CCP remains a casting directory, and the tendency is towards demanding ever more specificity in application not less - you are, in fact, better off hosting individual short clips that you may utilise as specific attachments to specific applications, if you can isolate the material from the broader edit.

I am not sure why anyone casting would want to spend time watching an entire short, and, indeed, isolating your individual performance from the rest of the film. I occasionally send casters links to trailers I feature in, and even then, I'm conscious that they may have to watch , say, forty seconds of footage I don't feature in order to reach the material in which I do. Showreels deliberately showcase your specific contributions to a project for a reason...and it is, of course, a casting reason.

Whether or not there is an argument for allowing the capacity to upload bigger files on CCP is a different question - I don't know why the limit for upload has been set comparatively low, and the admins might be able to enlighten us (presumably, it's felt fit for purpose)-but I don't disagree with the main principle -that there's no pressing need to be able to host complete pieces here on CCP.

Hi Wesley,
As a CCP subscriber with loads of showreels, I'm perfectly happy with my storage capacity, With respect, I think you've misunderstood what people are looking for here just twenty seconds from each part you've performed is usually enough, a whole 1.5 gb film in hi resolution (must be raw .AVI by the sound of it with no compression) is overkill big time. No one would watch it.

I had the same problem. A client here asked me to record a video and read something that is more than 25 lines. Even being fast it's more than 2 minutes. They asked for it. I can't upload it. What can i do?

It might well be best to upload it to YouTube and send them the link via a message? Explain to them that it's too big to uploaded using the CCP system.

I'd suggest downloading a program called 'Handbrake' and converting your files through there (the basic 'normal' preset is absolutely fine) - and you'll end up with a much smaller file but in still fantastic quality.

For example I've got a 4 minute short film in great quality 1080p that's only 130mb after being converted. There's absolutely no need to upload a file 1.5gb in size to CCP.

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