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Self Tape Auditions

Self-Tape Auditions

What is Self-Tape?

It's a new trend in the acting industry where Casting Directors request actors to record themselves reading a sample of a script and then submit the self taped video as their audition.

Why Self-Tape?
  • Physical auditions and castings cost time and money for everyone involved. Actors have to pay travel expenses and casting directors use valuable time and money arranging audition space and recording facilities.
  • Self Tape auditions allow actors to audition for roles from the comfort of their home 24x7.
  • By seeing an actor on camera, reading a line of the script, Casting Directors and Employers are able to get a better impression of how suitable an actor is for the role before they invite them in for a face-to-face audition.
How does it work on
  • When posting a casting, employers can now request the self-tape feature on Mandy.
  • Any job where self-tape is required, you will see our self-tape logo.
  • The employer will provide sides or a script that they want actors to record via a self-tape audition. This is included with the character details. self-tape Technology
  • Using your mobile phone camera, desktop or laptop computer you can now record a Self Tape audition.
  • Play it back, save, delete and try again. In fact you can record your audition as many times as you like until you are satisfied that you have it right!
  • Add a personalised cover letter and submit to the Casting Director, who will be in touch to confirm whether they want to consider you for the role.
Need more advice?Read our handy guides: Self-Taping for Actors and Employers and get advice.


  • Apply for Self Tape jobs using our new built in video recording service.
  • Auditions are clearly marked on the acting jobs UK section with the little Self Tape icon.


  • Receive high quality video submissions for your castings.
  • Only see the professional actors who fit your breakdown.
  • Review video submissions in minutes!