Top Tips on starting a Career in Film & TV

Sue Fletcher (previously Head of Production Talent for the BBC) hosted Coaching Sessions with Mandy members where she offered her FREE one-to-one expert career advice! 

Sue began her career in production as a co-ordinator on Radio 4's Gardeners' Question Time, Woman's Hour and You and Yours before moving into television production where she worked for over 10 years as Production Manager for the BBC. She has worked across a variety of factual entertainment output and features ranging from observational documentaries, archive & travel programmes to live studios and events, notably the 'I Love....'' series, Tatton Flower Show and Dragons' Den. As Head of Production Talent for Children's she has been responsible for the recruitment, scheduling and career development of its permanent staff base and flexible/freelance workforce.  Sue recently left the BBC to pursue a career as a freelance consultant and project manager.

Tips from Film & TV Expert Sue Fletcher:

  • Be open to opportunities.
  • Tailor your CV/resume to every job you apply for. 
  • In terms of the format of your CV/resume, put your contact details at the top, profile next, credits in date order, education and personal interests at the end. 
  • Be succinct and keep your CV/resume up to date.
  • Be sure it is written in a clear, easy to read style and layout.
  • Keep knocking on doors. You may hear ‘no’ a lot before you get a ‘yes’.  Keep focused until you achieve your goal.
  • Do your research on potential employers, companies, productions, programmes before applying to a role.

Testimonials from Mandy Members

“Sue is an expert who’s willing to help and inform with great effectiveness. If I associate Mandy with both of you, I can only think of Mandy as a collective group of colleagues I want to see more, and interact with more as it is a creative environment where to thrive sharing our skills and capabilities.” - Samantha Gaetani (Production Co-ordinator)

“Very helpful and enjoyable...I was given a couple of contacts to introduce myself to and sources of work to pursue” - Tom Griffiths (Dubbing Mixer)

“The session was informative and Sue was insightful on how I can improve my CV and gave me details on potential contacts and networking opportunities” Talvinder Sehmbi (Editor)

“Extremely useful, I received some great insight that would have been quite impossible to find elsewhere...Thank you to Mandy for arranging”  Selina Edwards (Script Supervisor)

“Very helpful - warm & friendly!...a firmer grasp of my career trajectory and what to aim for next” - Sarah Barker (Line Producer)

“Great to meet Sue and get some feedback regarding my CV and how I present myself both on paper and online...Thanks for the session”  - Ufuk Gokkaya (Cinematographer)

“Good, thank you!...very encouraging” - Charlotte Trendell (Make-up Artist)

“Very helpful and reassuring advice”  Lily Celeste (Director/Editor)