How to Work as a Video Game Voiceover Artist

It has been estimated that the video game industry is worth over $120 billion. Sounds incredible, right? The industry is booming right now, as is the number of voiceover jobs being posted on Mandy! If you have ever thought your voice acting talents would be great for a video game, then you are in the right place. We have outlined below how you can start your career as a video game voiceover artist.

Do you enjoy playing video games?

It may sound like a silly question, but do you enjoy playing video games? Having a strong understanding of gameplay and the ways in which characters are used in games are hugely important if you want to work in this industry. Truly get to grips with how video games are mapped out and what strong voiceover artists can bring to a finished product.

Differences when working as a voiceover artist for video games

Many jobs for voiceover artists can be formulaic. The ways in which companies require voiceover artists are similar for many different projects. Customers are accustomed to hearing voiceover artists in a certain manner across TV commercials, web advertisements and more. The tried and tested formula does not seem to be going anywhere.

Working as a video game voiceover artist is much different and often more complex. Jobs in this field can be incredibly diverse - you may be hired to play several different characters for one project. Here, creativity is key and you must understand your true voiceover capabilities.

What are some tips for working in this field?

If you are going to master the art of voicing multiple characters with ease and believability, you must be consistent and have a certain degree of acting talent. A great tip when approaching how to establish the voices of multiple characters is to develop these while standing in front of a mirror. Notice how your face moves when you speak; this is how the character’s face would move. Study this and ensure it is consistent across all aspects of your delivery. For more tips, check out our chat with a top voiceover professional here.

Acting classes are important

It’s fundamental to not overlook the importance of acting when it comes to working in this field. Take acting classes, see a voice acting coach. Once you harness your acting talents your performances will improve immeasurably.

How will you record the video game?

Many projects work with production companies that record in-house. However, as the industry evolves, a lot of savvy voiceover artists are setting up home recording studios. Having one is attractive to an employer, mainly because they are a cost-effective option.You don’t have to spend a fortune to set up a home recording studio, but there are certain things you must consider to ensure your work is of a professional standard. From choosing the perfect microphone and headphones to setting up an effective location to record from, you really do have to invest wisely. For further guidance, check out our guide here on how to set up a home recording studio.

Where can you look for jobs?

For over 15 years, The Mandy Network has been helping creative professionals like yourself find great jobs with reputable employers across the world. There has never been a better time to start working as a voiceover artist, and we host incredible voiceover jobs on our platform!

You can create a Mandy profile for free and browse our Jobs Directory, where you will find great opportunities for emerging and established voiceover artists. Why not visit our Forum? It’s a great space to connect with our talented community of over two million professionals. Here, you can get advice on how to establish yourself in the industry, participate in any collaborative projects and much more.