How to SMASH a dance audition

Dance auditions can be incredibly stressful but Mandy News is here to encourage you to success.

23rd October 2017
/ By Oli Gots

Dance audition advice GETTY

Apply to the right auditions
Don't just apply for any old part with the hope of bagging yourself a gig. Know what is and isn't your forté, hone in on your strengths and focus on auditions that you know you can actually do. You do want the outcome to be positive, right?

First and foremost, wear the appropriate attire for the specific role. If in doubt, ask. Traditionally, you'll want your hair tied back and to keep your face open. Accentuate your best features with just enough make-up to allow the employers to perceive how your face sits on a lit-up stage, naturally.

Arrive on time 
Arriving late gives off the worst first impression, is inconsiderate to other people and denies yourself the chance to audition properly. There are no excuses. Find out where you need to be and all of the potential delays that might occur on that route. Arriving nice and early also gives you a chance to familiarise yourself with the environment and – if they let you in – orientate around the studio space and give yourself a nice warm up before the performance.

With group auditions, make yourself stand out from the rest in the room. Yes you can even try some visual flourishes (a memorable accessory or a splash of colour) - but DON'T over do it. Let your passion for dance, movement and music propel you. Don't be afraid to show off your love for the art. At the same time, stand out by being courteous and considerate of your fellow dancers. It might feel like it but it's not a competition.

Last impressions
Impressing on your way out can be just as important as on your way in. Thank your panel/judges/examiners sincerely. If you don't get the answer you wanted, be kind, polite and, genuinely, let it go. Often, a 'no' is not because you are a bad dancer but rather because your were not the ideal candidate for the specific part. 

So, carry on honing your craft and persevere with auditions - the very same company might soon have a call-out for exactly your type.