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Welcome to The Mandy Network International (formerly known as the Pro Sites; Casting Call Pro, Film & TV Pro, Stage Pro, and more). We are the #1 jobs...
Welcome to The Mandy Network International (formerly known as the Pro Sites; Casting Call Pro, Film & TV Pro, Stage Pro, and more). We are the #1 jobs platform for cast, crew and creative professionals looking for the latest positions in the entertainment industry and commercial sector.

We provide professional opportunities for emerging and established professionals in the creative industries. Whether you’re new to the industry and looking for acting auditions, established in the production sector and seeking film and TV jobs or a voiceover artist looking for voiceover work, our platform and talented community are on hand to guide you through your career.

Our carefully curated Jobs Directory has opportunities across the world, including all major cities and cultural hubs, such as Istanbul, Dubai, Wellington and Barcelona. With hundreds of positions added to our site each day, your next big job in film, TV, theatre or the commercial industry is undoubtedly through The Mandy Network International. Our Administration team review every job posted on our website against a strict set of guidelines so that you know every opportunity is from a reputable employer.

The job opportunities on our Jobs Directory come courtesy of production companies, such as BBC Studios and Netflix, as well as leading marketing agencies and visual effects production houses. We don’t just focus on the entertainment industry. We have lots of gigs in the corporate sector. This includes in-house teams, one-off projects for large household names and jobs in digital agencies.

We take your career seriously. In fact, our founders were actors themselves. Fed up of missing out on acting roles because they were not publicly listed, they set out on a mission to bring more transparency to the sector. By opening these doors, our members are able to see jobs in the entertainment industry they would not otherwise gain access to. Join us and our talented community as we help create the industry stronger!

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