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Formerly Total Talent, Mandy Talent UK is the leading jobs board for models and extras, also known as supporting artists, looking for paid work.

Formerly Total Talent, Mandy Talent UK is the leading jobs board for models and extras, also known as supporting artists, looking for paid work.

The Mandy brand exists worldwide and Mandy Talent UK covers every corner of the United Kingdom, so if you're looking for work near you you're in the right place. From London to Glasgow, Manchester to Cardiff, or Bristol to Belfast we have opportunities waiting for you.

Employers and casting directors use Mandy when they need to find models and background artists for a wide variety of projects. This page will be useful if you're looking for the following opportunities:
1) Modelling work, such as fashion photoshoots for catalogues or on-site photography for tourism campaigns, etc.
2) Walk on parts or acting roles, performing in the background as an extra for film & TV projects or even live events.
3) Corporate gigs, such as appearing in internal training videos.
4) Performer/entertainer jobs, roles such as street fundraisers, Christmas seasonal work and hosting at public facing establishments.

The filters below can be used to improve your search and hone it to your specific needs:
- 'Job type' allows you to select the sort of projects you're looking for.
- 'Gender' lets you select the gender of the character available (either male or female).
- 'Counties' allows you to display only jobs near you by applying a location filter so you can see just local opportunities.
- 'Age' lets you select an age bracket of the character being recruited for (either 'any age' or 'your age' if you have a Mandy account).
- 'Search' enables you to search for specific keywords within the job listing.

It is our mission to source exclusive jobs and those from across the internet all into one place so that you can find them easily and apply with as little hassle as possible. We vet each and every job so that you can be sure you're getting paid suitably, are working for the best companies and that all roles are open for applications. We want to open up the entertainment industry to anyone and everyone so that it becomes more diverse and talent that would often go undiscovered may be found.

Mandy is the website for you if you want to:
1) find paid modelling or extras work.
2) develop your career.
3) find an agent.
4) work part time and on a freelance basis.
5) work with big brands, such as ASOS, Pretty Little Thing and Tesco.

Sign up now for a Mandy Talent UK account and we'll give you a free 30 day trial of our premium membership so you can try the site and apply for as many jobs as you like. Enjoy additional perks, join a community of engaged professionals like yourself and get found by agents looking to add new talent for their books. Mandy is where employers that are casting find models and supporting artists looking for paid work.

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