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Welcome to Mandy Voices UK (formerly known as Voices Pro). We help established and emerging talent find voiceover auditions, casting calls and ultimat...
Welcome to Mandy Voices UK (formerly known as Voices Pro). We help established and emerging talent find voiceover auditions, casting calls and ultimately jobs in the entertainment sector. We list many new opportunities each day across the UK, including voiceover jobs in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Glasgow. This is your chance to work with the most prestigious film, TV and commercial production companies and employers in the country.

Whether you’re an established voiceover artist with heaps of professional credits under your belt or are looking to break into the industry, our talented team and community are on hand to guide you through your voice acting career. Mandy Voices UK is the answer to your questions, including: “How do I find voiceover jobs?”, “How do I get a voiceover audition?”, “How do I create a voice reel?” and “What is a voice actor’s salary?”.

We host a variety of positions on Mandy Voices UK (with many voiceover jobs in London) and our goal is to make life as a voice actor easier. Our job directory is managed by our team of industry experts and is all in one place, meaning your process of applying for jobs and attending auditions is streamlined. We vet each job on our website so that you know every opportunity is from a reputable employer.

The Mandy Network is a leading casting website for people in the entertainment industry. As well as voiceover jobs in the UK, we offer users access to multiple websites under our umbrella. Other opportunities in the entertainment industry you may be interested in include:

Mandy Actors UK - offering professional opportunities for actors
Mandy Stage UK - caters for theatre professionals wanting to work behind the scenes
Many Crew UK - providing opportunities for film and TV crew working behind the camera
Mandy Kids UK - providing work for child actors across the UK

We take your career seriously. In fact, our founders were actors themselves. Tired of missing out on acting roles because they were not publicly listed, they set out on a mission to bring more transparency to the sector. In the decades since, The Mandy Network has gone from strength to strength. By opening these doors, our members are able to see voiceover acting jobs they would not otherwise gain access to. Join us and our talented community as we help create the industry stronger!

If you would like to apply for any of the jobs in our directory, you must sign up for a Mandy Account by clicking the ‘Join Free’ button. Once a member you are joining the world’s largest online community of creative professionals. You will be able to apply for any jobs on Mandy Voices UK, contribute to online forums and take advantage of exclusive perks. Employers use The Mandy Network to advertise jobs and our advanced functionality to find actors for their upcoming projects.

When you create an account you are able to sign up for customised email notifications which will ensure you never miss a casting call again. Sign up and start applying for jobs today!

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