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Previously called 'Casting Call Pro' or 'CCP Jobs', Mandy Actors US is the best casting website for actors looking for TV auditions in the USA. We pos...
Previously called 'Casting Call Pro' or 'CCP Jobs', Mandy Actors US is the best casting website for actors looking for TV auditions in the USA. We post 100s of new casting calls & television acting jobs every month. It is our mission to change the entertainment industry for the better by making it more accessible, like other sectors, ensuring all roles are advertised online to all actors looking for gigs. We want to put an end to roles being cast behind closed doors. This will help increase diversity and allow the projects to highlight previously undiscovered talent.

Regardless of whether you are at the start of your acting career or you have multiple acting credits to your name has plenty of opportunities ready for you to apply for! Jobs within the television sector are normally listed on a freelance basis, which is due to the episodic nature of the narrative, with actors being required for one or two episodes at a time. This does not mean that you won't find leading roles or auditions for recurring characters, we list a wide variety of jobs. As such TV gigs offer a great mix of longer contracts & shorter term freelance gigs.

We are in the golden age of television programming and the US is at the forefront of this. You don't need to be located in a production hub such as New York, Los Angeles or Atlanta to find work. We regularly feature jobs in Texas, Illinois, Utah and Washington, to name just a few.

Expect to find job listings from the likes of:
- Netflix
- NBC Universal
- Amazon Studios

Our members have worked on shows like:
- Law & Order
- Orange is the New Black
- The Deuce
- The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
- Billions
- Blue Bloods
- Empire
- Gotham

We understand how time consuming and frustrating the search for open casting calls, auditions and acting jobs can be - this is why we collate exclusive jobs and those from across the internet all in one place; to take the stress out of searching. Once you sign up to Mandy you can configure your account to receive email notifications so you never miss a TV audition soon as a relevant listing goes live you will know about it!

We verify each job that is listed on Mandy Actors US so that our members can rest assured that each role they see is live, from a reputable employer and meets our minimum salary requirements. If you want to shortlist just gigs near you then use the location filter below to find local opportunities. If you're looking for a specific TV show, production company or specific keyword you can also specify this with the filters.

To apply for any of the casting auditions you see on Mandy Actors US (whether they be for TV, movies, commercials or theater) you need only create a Mandy Premium account. Through your membership you are joining the largest worldwide online community within the entertainment industry. You can apply for jobs, contribute to forums, enjoy exclusive benefits/perks, while getting found by casting directors recruiting for projects & agents looking to find actors to represent.

Seen a TV audition you want to audition for? Just sign up for a Mandy Premium account and submit your application!

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