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Mandy Actors US, which was formerly known as 'Casting Call Pro' & 'CCP Jobs' is one of the best casting website in the entertainment industry. If you'...
Mandy Actors US, which was formerly known as 'Casting Call Pro' & 'CCP Jobs' is one of the best casting website in the entertainment industry. If you're an actor in New York state looking for the latest casting calls & auditions then you need not look any further with 100s of new opportunities added each year you will find acting work in the following areas:
- New York City including Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island & Rye
- Buffalo
- Hudson Valley
- Putnam County
- and beyond...

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As well as operating across the entire state Mandy Actors US covers all types of acting such as:
- Movies & TV
- Theater plays, Broadway & Musicals
- Corporate gigs
- Commercials

If you've found yourself wondering how to get on Broadway, how to audition for movies or how to find casting calls then The Mandy Network is the answer you've been seeking. Our curated jobs board is the go-to place for actors looking for work. Whether you're new to the industry or you're a seasoned professional with plenty of IMDb credits to your name already we have roles for you. Use the filters below to narrow your search and find the opportunities that are suitable for you.

Every job is manually reviewed by our staff so that you can apply with confidence that you're getting paid a suitable amount, will be working for an established employer and that you won't waste your time applying for roles that are closed. You should spend your valuable time applying for acting jobs and attending auditions rather than searching for roles - Mandy is your go-to resource.

When you sign up to Mandy you are joining the worlds largest community of creative professionals and we would encourage you to attend meetups and contribute to forums.

If you create a Mandy account you get access to every single jobs listed on Mandy Actors US, that's not just those listed in New York, but across the entire USA. A Premium account will allow you to apply for any job you like, no exceptions, so what are you waiting for? When you create your account be sure to set up your email settings so you get notified about all the casting notices and never miss an audition opportunity again.

The Mandy Network caters for the entire industry so if acting isn't your preferred creative outlet then maybe you should try the following instead:
- Mandy Talent US; background/extra/modelling work
- Mandy Crew US; technical film & TV roles
- Mandy Stage US; theater & live event crew
- Mandy Voices US; voiceover opportunities

Click the "Join Free" button and sign up for a Mandy Actors US account and you are well on your way to finding your nearest movie auditions, open casting calls or acting jobs.

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