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As a camera operator looking for a new job you are in the right place! Mandy Crew UK is a premium curated jobs board where every single job is manuall...
As a camera operator looking for a new job you are in the right place! Mandy Crew UK is a premium curated jobs board where every single job is manually reviewed by a member of the team to ensure all roles are with reputable employers, have suitable salaries and that each opportunity is currently live (so you don't waste your valuable time applying for something that has already closed). We list jobs from across the country and not just in the major hubs of London, Manchester, Cardiff, Bristol & Glasgow.

Camera operators will oft find work in film or television. Mandy frequently lists studio jobs and roles in production houses, so if you're wanting to join an on-set production crew be sure to check back regularly for the latest opportunities (you can also set up job alerts so you don't miss any). Outside of the large publishers like the BBC or Netflix you will find one-off gig with filmmakers crewing up for the likes of short films, web series or independent movies. These will be on a smaller scale and give you the opportunity to work with up-and-coming on-set crew, as well as pre & post production staff. These make for excellent networking opportunities.

If you are not looking for a traditional entertainment industry job then it is worth considering corporate gigs. The last decade has seen video become more accessible and as such consumers have increased their demand for brands to embrace it. This means that commercial organisations have invested more money into both in-house teams and with digital marketing agencies. This is great for camera operators as there is now more variety in the roles available and in the volume of jobs being listed.

This increase in job opportunities also means that there are more entry level jobs, not to mention roles for those with more experience wanting to progress their careers. It is good news for everyone in the traditional movie crew.

Formerly known as Film & TV Pro, Mandy Crew UK hosts some of the best employers in the industry and will help you secure your next paying gig. Remember when reviewing the jobs below that employers may use different job titles to what you may expect. You will more than likely have transferable skills that make you suitable for this new position; factors that can change a job title include:

1) the level of experience the employer is expecting, for example "Senior Camera Operator" or "2nd Camera Operator".
2) where you will be filming, for example "Studio Camera Operator" or "Event Camera Operator".
3) whether the role needs hybrid skills, for example "Camera Operator and Editor", "Camera Operator/LED Technician" or "Camera Operator/DoP".
4) specialist skills that might rule out generalists, "Steadicam Operator" or "On Board Camera Reporter".

Please consider roles that don't instantly seem like they match your previous roles. You may bring something new to the role that an employers hasn't thought of. Submit your CV and see if the employer agrees that you're a qualified candidate - there is no harm in submitting yourself for a role. With a premium Mandy account we do not limit the number of jobs you can apply for, so don't limit your opportunities.

The majority of camera operator jobs are freelance, but this is not always the case as some employers are looking to add camera people to their full time and permanent teams. A lot of jobs that have you working on a film set, whether it's a short or feature will be freelance (the contract length will obviously differ depending on the role). Long term jobs tend to come from in-house teams at large house hold names or from within digital marketing agency studio who are regularly making content for clients. If you are not sure whether a job is permanent or freelance you can use the salary to point you in the right direction. The rule of thumb is that if it pays a flat rate or is by the hour/day it is a freelance gig. 'Per year' salaries will usually be from employers looking for permanent candidates.

You will probably want to look at Videographer jobs as well.

Take a look through all the jobs listed below and filter them using the filters if need be (finding jobs near you, that include certain keywords or are in a particular sector). When you find a job that interests you, just sign up for a free Mandy account and submit your application. We give you a free 30 day trial of premium membership which means you can apply for as many jobs as you like; so start and finish you job search now with Mandy!

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