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So you are an editor looking for a job? Mandy Crew UK is a great place to find your next paying gig. We list opportunities in every corner of the UK i...
So you are an editor looking for a job? Mandy Crew UK is a great place to find your next paying gig. We list opportunities in every corner of the UK including production hubs such as London, Manchester, Cardiff, Bristol and Edinburgh.

Editors play a vital role within any film or TV production; they bring all the existing work together into a single piece of video that can enjoyed by audiences. The material the editor is working with can vary considerably and within the entertainment industry could include TV, music videos, shorts, news, feature films and documentaries (to name just a few). The options are not limited to film & TV, Mandy regularly has jobs available in the corporate sector, working on commercial projects, such as for in-house teams or marketing agencies; we even have roles in radio.

Previously called Film & TV Pro, Mandy Crew UK, strives to caters for both experienced editors and for those starting their careers looking for film work experience or entry level film jobs. Therefore you will find roles of varying salaries, ranging from hourly national living wage all the way up to £100s of per day.

Because editing is largely a post production role you will often secure jobs that let you work from home, assuming you have access to the suitable technology. A lot of roles nowadays, regardless of whether they are in the film industry or working for a corporate client will be freelance or at least a short-term contract. That is not to say that full time roles do not exists; these regularly come up for in-house teams in marketing departments or in digital agencies. Brands are making more and more video content for websites, social media and adverts, putting the skills of an experienced editor in higher demand. Full-time permanent positions will often list their salaries 'per year'.

Job titles can vary quite considerably, so it is worth taking your time to review them and read the requirements of each individual role; it will likely be that despite a slightly different title to what you expected you have the skills needed to get hired. Examples of how job titles can vary include:

1) the type of work you will deliver, for example "Versioning Editor", "Assembly Editor" or "Film Editor".
2) the responsibilities/seniority of the position, such as "Senior Editor" or "Assistant Editor".
3) if any specific skills are required, for example "VFX Editor" or "On Air Editor".
4) if the role is a hybrid, for example "Videographer/Editor" or "Director/Editor".

Editors possess a lot of skills that are transferrable, so you should read each job regardless of whether it matches your current/previous job titles. Employers always want to hear from talented production crew and your unique experience (which sits outside their expectation) may make you more desirable. As they are industry standard software it is important to have knowledge of Avid Media Composer or Adobe Premiere Pro; having this will help increase your employability.

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Each job listed on the website is verified by a member of our team so our members can browse and apply for jobs with confidence that each opportunity meets a minimum salary, is with a reputable employer and, maybe most importantly, is real.

Below you will find fields that allow you to filter the board by jobs in your area or by job type. You can also include specific keywords you are interested in. Check all the editing jobs and once you have found a role that interests you simply sign up to Mandy and you will receive access to a free 30 day premium membership trial. With this trial you can apply for as many jobs as you like and take advantage of other perks/benefits.

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