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As a makeup artist looking for a new job you are in the right place. Mandy Crew UK (formerly known as Film & TV Pro) regularly list jobs in the makeup...
As a makeup artist looking for a new job you are in the right place. Mandy Crew UK (formerly known as Film & TV Pro) regularly list jobs in the makeup department so take a look at the list below to begin your job search.

You will find work across the UK in particular within entertainment industry hubs such as London, Cardiff, Manchester, Bristol, Edinburgh & Glasgow.

The majority of makeup artist opportunities are recruited on a freelance basis. This can usually be determined by the salary for the role; if it is stated as per hour or per day it is likely to be freelance. There will sometimes be employers looking for full-time candidates and these salaries are normally listed per annum.

Mandy caters for almost every project types, so whether you are a specialist or you're looking for a new career opportunity to widen your skills we have jobs to help you achieve your goals. You will find the following job types available:

1)Films (both shorts & feature length), which will usually require your services for somewhere between 1 week & 3 months. Short films are a great way to grow your career as you network and build your confidence.
2) Corporate/Commercial shoots, are becoming more popular as brands create more video content. This will usually be quite a different experience to that of a film production where you will be on-set in the studio.
3) TV shows, are a great gig if you're looking for a longer contract as the shooting schedule can be quite long, particularly as the budgets on TV productions have increased in recent years.
4) Music videos, are often a single day shoot and due to their often experimental nature they are a great opportunity to try something new with your makeup technique and try something new/different.

Mastering the makeup industry is a journey and we have roles for artists at every step. Entry level jobs may be on smaller productions that require more natural styles. The more experienced professionals will either specialise, for example looking for SFX Makeup Artists roles, or they will expand their repertoire of styles to include the likes of period makeup.

A lot of production jobs in the film & TV industry request crew members to take on hybrid responsibilities; this isn't really the case for the makeup professionals. One of the only hybrid roles that arises is "Hair & Makeup Artist", so if you can hone these skills as well you will increase your versatility, opening up new opportunities. Some employers will request you provide the makeup, if this is the case the salary is usually higher, if you're unsure you can clarify this with the employer.

You may also be interested in the following jobs:
- Makeup Artist (Assistant)
- Makeup Designer

If you're fed up of applying for jobs that turn out to have already closed or are bored of scouring the internet for jobs that turn out to be low paid, you're going to love Mandy! We review every job manually, so if it's live on the website you can rest assured that it is:

1) Posted by a reputable employer
2) Currently live and open for applications
3) Pays an industry minimum salary

The filters below can be used to find jobs near you, as well as narrow the list down by job type or to listings including a certain keyword.

If you find a makeup artist job that appeals to you simply sign up to Mandy Crew UK and apply. You will get a 30 day trial to experience everything the platform has to offer, so you can apply for as many jobs as you like.

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