SFX Makeup Artist Jobs in the UK

So you're a makeup artist looking for specialist work in SFX makeup? Previously known as Film & TV Pro, Mandy Crew UK has makeup artist jobs across th...
So you're a makeup artist looking for specialist work in SFX makeup? Previously known as Film & TV Pro, Mandy Crew UK has makeup artist jobs across the entire sector and regularly lists roles for specialists like you.

You can expect to find work in every corner of the UK, however there are usually more jobs listed in entertainment hubs like Glasgow, Manchester, Bristol, London & Cardiff.

The majority of makeup work is freelance and this is why salaries are usually advertised per day or per hour. On occasions you will find permanent roles or longer contracts, which will be listed per annum or pro rata.

Makeup artists are needed on most projects to ensure consistency in the shoot and keep actors looking their best. SFX makeup artists have a more niche skillset, so there are fewer of these opportunities. The good news is that you will be able to apply for more generic Makeup Artist roles. Despite the more specific nature of SFX work the areas in which you can used your skills is expansive, you can expect jobs to come up in:

1) Films & TV. There is no limit to the SFX makeup require on these productions! One day you might be doing fantasy make requiring prosthetics, the next you might need to drench an actor in gore. You will be on-set throughout the shoot doing touch ups or preparing the next major makeup change.
2) Commercial/Corporate shoots. Whilst these don't instantly sound like they'd have a need a SFX specialist they can call for simulated injuries if it's a health & safety video, for example.
3) Music videos. Like films, music videos can cover quite an expansive range, so you will be trying out new techniques on a music video set.

Even SFX Makeup Artists need to keep expanding their skillsets, so be sure to take every opportunity to work on a new style and improve your existing speciality.

Given your extensive skills you could also apply for the following jobs:
- Entry level roles such as Makeup Artist (Assistant)
- More involved roles such as Makeup Designers positions

Finding paying jobs can be a real chore, but Mandy makes life a lot easier. We list exclusive jobs and those from across the web, meaning that your days of searching are at an end. We also manually vet every single listing to ensure each role meets the following standards:
1) It is from a reputable & trustworthy employer
2) It is live and available
3) Has a minimum salary that is competitive within the industry

Use the filter fields below to find jobs that contain keywords important to you or to show jobs in a certain sector. The location option can be used to find jobs near you.

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