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So you are a photographer looking for a new job? Mandy Crew UK (previously known as Film & TV Pro) is a premium jobs board that curates photography jo...
So you are a photographer looking for a new job? Mandy Crew UK (previously known as Film & TV Pro) is a premium jobs board that curates photography jobs from across the UK, including London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Bristol; in fact from every corner of the UK. Mandy is the place to find your next paying gig.

We have jobs for experienced professionals looking to join an establish company offering photography services or freelance opportunities for those looking for one-off roles. You will also find entry level jobs for newcomers looking to take their first few steps on the career ladder.

At Mandy Crew UK photographers can find work with a range of employers, such as:

1) Private companies - that offer photography as a service and are looking for additional staff.
2) Marketing agencies - who need a photographer to deliver client work.
3) Government departments - looking for improved visual output.
4) Private employers - looking for a one-off shoot for a specific event.

A lot of roles will allow photographers to remain freelance, if that is your preference, whilst others will ask you to join a team on a permanent full-time basis, which will suit others. These different types of roles means that you may be asked to work from home or work in an office. The job type may also reflect whether you are required to provide your own equipment, such as a DSLR camera, lighting equipment and editing software.

Employers will often ask for official training or qualifications, but these are usually 'desirable' rather than a requirement. The most important things to highlight to a potential employer is your previous relevant experience within the field you are applying for and your ability to set up all the necessary equipment on a shoot. You can never be too experienced, so use every opportunity to improve your employability by increasing your skillset.

When you look over the available jobs you are encouraged to consider each role, as you may be suitable even if the title doesn't match your current role. You will more than likely have transferable skills you can bring to a role that will make you suitable. Factors that can change a job title include:

1) the level of experience expected for the role, such as "Senior Photographer", "Junior Photographer" or "Assistant Photographer".
2) the environment where the photos will be taken, for example "School Photographer", "Wedding Photographer" or "Medical Photographer".
3) the style of photos to be taken, such as "Portrait Photographer".
4) the duties required, including "Photographer/Editor".

If you have held a similar position previously you should consider applying, as employers would prefer to receive applications from talented professionals that believe they can deliver rather that not having options. You may bring something new to the role that the employer didn't know they wanted or hadn't considered. You may also be able to work in other areas outside the scope of the original listing. There is no harm in applying!

Depending on your interests and skill sets you may also be interested in Photo Retoucher jobs or Photo Journalist jobs.

We remove a lot of the worry from apply for jobs, such as the reputation of the employer & the salary; we do this by manually reviewing every job on the Mandy website. This means that every job is real and is worth your valuable time.

The filters below can be used to filter jobs near you, by job type and those containing a specific keyword that is important to you. Once you have found a photography role that interests you, simply sign up to Mandy and apply. We give new members a free 30 day premium membership trial so you can explore the benefits & perks available. The premium membership also lets you apply for any & all roles you would like to be considered for. We don't require any credit card details when you sign up, so there is no obligation to continue with premium. What are you waiting for? Find your next job now!

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