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As a video editor looking for a job you are in the right place! Mandy Crew UK (formerly Film & TV Pro) curates editing jobs from across the UK, includ...
As a video editor looking for a job you are in the right place! Mandy Crew UK (formerly Film & TV Pro) curates editing jobs from across the UK, including in Manchester, Belfast, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Bristol and London. You will find plenty of jobs within these hubs, as well as roles in smaller towns.

No matter whether you are an entry level editor looking for your first job or a seasoned professional looking for the next career step you will find suitable jobs listed on Mandy Crew UK.

Video editors regularly find work within the film industry or on TV shows as part of the post-production team; meaning they won't usually be required on the film set. Instead their work is mainly computer based working with Avid Media Composer or Adobe Premiere Pro, which are the industry standards for editing software. With Mandy UK you find jobs within film departments at film studios and production companies.

Maybe you don't want a film production job and would prefer to work to work in a commercial setting? This isn't a problem, because we always have jobs available in corporate companies with clients looking to produce video content. These companies include digital marketing agencies, large brands with in-house studios and those working on one-off projects. Editors have become more sought after in recent years with video content becoming more accessible and in higher demand. Video now appears on TV, social media websites and even in-store on digital displays; this has increased the number of opportunities available to editors.

More often than not you will find video editor jobs are on a freelance basis, which is certainly true within film & TV. Some commercial roles list their salaries as per year and they are usually full time and long term contracts.

When reviewing the jobs below we encourage you to consider each role because whilst job titles can vary considerably you may have transferable skills which will make you a valuable candidate for plenty of listings. Factors that can alter a job title include:

1) your seniority in the position, for example "Senior Video Editor" or "Junior Video Editor".
2) the type of video you will edit, such as "Social Video Editor" or "Film Editor".
3) the platform the final product will appear on, for example "Web video editor" or "Social Video Editor".
4) if it is a hybrid role, including "Video Editor/Videographer", "Video/Motion Graphics Editor " or "Web producer/Video Editor".

Despite having different job titles a lot of the above roles will share core responsibilities or tasks to complete, so if you have worked in a similar position before you should consider applying for jobs that don't always seem instantly compatible. Employers will be happy to receive applications from talented and qualified professionals that may be able to bring a new perspective to a role.

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Each job listed on Mandy is manually verified by a member of the team, so you can rest assured that everything that appears on the website is from a reputable employer, with a minimum salary and is ready to receive applications. Using the filter fields below will let you see just the job near you, those containing specific keywords and by job type. When you find an editor role you want to apply for you can sign up for a Mandy account and start you application. We'll even give you a 30 days free trial to experience all the perks/benefits of premium membership. This will allow you to apply for any other roles that interest you. There are no credit card details required when you sign up, so what are you waiting for?

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