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You are a videographer looking for a job in the UK? You are in the right place! Mandy Crew UK offers jobs across the UK including, but not limited to,...
You are a videographer looking for a job in the UK? You are in the right place! Mandy Crew UK offers jobs across the UK including, but not limited to, production hubs such as Cardiff, London, Bristol and Manchester. Mandy Crew UK (previously known as Film & TV Pro) is the great place to find the best jobs from across the web all in one place as well as exclusive roles available nowhere else.

Videographers traditionally work in film or in the TV industry, but that has changed over the past decade. Videographers have seen the number of opportunities available to them expand with roles opening up in a variety of commercial settings, such as in-house communication teams at large companies and at marketing agencies looking to deliver client work for big brands. This means that the traditional entertainment industry jobs are no longer the only options available to talented videographers. As more footage is needed for social media, expos, training material and digital posters the need for your skillset has increased dramatically.

This is not to say that jobs in film departments are not an option. We regularly post jobs with large production companies and UK based film studios. Be sure to check the list below frequently or sign up to job alerts so you don't miss all the latest film jobs, or TV jobs if that's your preference.

As well as large producers like the BBC, you will find that filmmakers use Mandy to crew up smaller independent projects, such as short films. This gives both entry level videographers and those with years of experience the opportunity to work with rising stars in the film & TV sector.

Employers use a variety of job titles and this can be down to them looking for a specific applicant or down to their own perspective on the role. When reviewing the below we suggest considering each one individually. It is more than likely that you have transferable skills that make you a suitable candidate even if you don't instantly think you're the perfect fit. Things that can change a job title include:

1) the seniority of the post, for example "Senior Videographer", "Junior Videographer" or"Assistant Videographer".
2) the subject of the video or the output format, such as "Digital Content Videographer", "Event Videographer" or "News Videographer".
3) if the role requires hybrid skills, including "Videographer/Producer", "Filmmaker/Videographer" or "Videographer/Editor".

Employers want applications from talented people like you, so if you've held a similar position in the past make sure to apply and explain why you're a good choice for the role. Highlight your previous experiences and any skills you have gathered that will help you deliver on their project.

There are a combination of freelance jobs and permanent jobs available on Mandy Crew UK. If it is not expressly mentioned in the job title or job description you can often use the salary as a guide. Flat rates or those paid per hour/day/week are likely to be freelance. A salary listed per year is probably from employers looking for a full time candidates either on a permanent or temporary contract.

You should also check our Camera Operator jobs as well.

We manually check all jobs listed on Mandy Crew UK so that our members don't have to worry about a company's reputation, the pay or whether the job is still live. Getting a job is stressful enough, so we want to make it as easy as possible, so once you've found your dream job, sign up for an account and with our 30 day free premium membership trial you can apply for it, along with any others that catch your eye. If you want to filter the jobs board further you can use the fields below to find jobs containing specific keywords, by locations (so it's only jobs near you) or by sector by using 'Job type'.

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