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If you're looking for a Deputy Stage Manager (DSM) position then Mandy Stage UK (previously Stage Jobs Pro) is the right place. We have job vacancies...
If you're looking for a Deputy Stage Manager (DSM) position then Mandy Stage UK (previously Stage Jobs Pro) is the right place. We have job vacancies across the entire theatre sector and in particular productions roles such as yours. If you are looking for theatre jobs near you simply use the location filter below to narrow the search to just your local area. We add hundreds of theatre jobs each month, so you can be sure you will find a suitable position whether you are based in London or Exeter, Glasgow or Leeds, Liverpool or Sheffield.

We list jobs exclusive to Mandy as well as those sourced from across the world wide web meaning you don't need to look anywhere else for DSM jobs. We vet every job that we feature on our recruitment board so that our members can rest easy knowing that they are all currently live, are from reputable theatres and have suitable salaries. As well as the location filter you can search by keyword as well as job type.

The Deputy Stage Manager has a lot of responsibilities within a theatre production, be it pre-production and during the shows performance run. Some theatres will require a DSM to help migrate a show from one theatre to another, therefore involving post-production responsibilities as well. DSMs are not limited to the type of shows they will work on, so it could be a panto or a stage play, a musical or a kids show.

There are various scenarios that would lead a theatre to bring on a DSM, including;

1) Touring, helping to co-ordinate and ensure high standards are maintained.
2) Project based, this could be move a show from one theatre to another.
3) In-house, usually brought in on a long term basis to work across the theatre's entire season.
4) Single show, this is often a pantomime or single show in a season.

Salary can be displayed in a variety of different way between job posts, such as:
1) Per Hour
2) Per Week
3) Per year
4) Flat fee

If you are already a Deputy Stage Manager you maybe be interested in these theatre roles that share similarities:
Assistant Stage Manager
Stage Manager
Technical Stage Manager
Production Stage Manager
Company Stage Manager

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