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Are you a Lighting Designer hoping to find a new job? Mandy Stage UK (previously known as Stage Jobs Pro) is the best place to find such opportunities...
Are you a Lighting Designer hoping to find a new job? Mandy Stage UK (previously known as Stage Jobs Pro) is the best place to find such opportunities and progress your career, as 100s of new roles are added each month. As well as operating across the world, Mandy covers the entirety of the UK including London, Leicester, Liverpool, Bristol, Brighton and Birmingham. To find jobs near you simply use the location filter below and select your closest city of a relevant county.

You should expect to work closely with the Director, Set Designer, Technical Stage Manager and Lighting Technician in order to complete your duties, as you are responsible for creating the atmosphere and time of day on stage. This is a collaborative and creative role where you will need to combine your artistic flare, teamwork and knowledge to help elevate the performance. Junior roles will usually come in larger teams or on smaller productions. There are plenty of senior positions available in large theatres, at corporate events/expos and at concerts.

Lighting Designer can expect to find roles in environments such as:
1) expos
2) live events
3) festivals
4) West End shows
5) large theatres
6) gigs & concerts
7) TV/film sets (sometimes)

As a Lighting Designer you may also want to look at the following roles:
- Lighting Programmer
- Lighting Director
- Lighting Technician

How many times have you applied for a job only to find it was already closed or applied and found that the salary wasn't suitable? It's frustrating when it happens! This is part of the reason why we vet every single job on Mandy Stage UK and strive to include rates up front; we want to streamline member's applications and make finding a job as easy as possible. We also carry out these checks to ensure that all employers featured are reputable. We only work with employers or those responsible to hiring, so you won't be funnelled through recruiters.

Applying is simple and so is finding the right job. Use the handy filters below to narrow down your search and only show relevant jobs. Use the location option to find jobs near you, cross reference with a specific keyword or select 'Job Type' to chose your desired work environment.

When you find a role that meets your requirements sign up for a Mandy account so you can apply (it's free). We offer a 30 day free trial membership of Mandy premium which is required to apply for job vacancies on the website. We won't ask for any credit card details so you don't have to worry about the subscription auto-renewing once the trial ends. Your Premium membership will give you access to exclusive perks reserved for paying members, such as discounts on equipment and resources. Take a look through the roles listed below and find the next job that is going to progress your career to the next level.

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