Theatre Lighting Technician Jobs in the UK

If you're looking to find a job as a Lighting Technician Mandy Stage UK (formerly known as Stage Jobs Pro) can help. We compile exclusive opportunitie...
If you're looking to find a job as a Lighting Technician Mandy Stage UK (formerly known as Stage Jobs Pro) can help. We compile exclusive opportunities and jobs from across the internet in one place to ensure our members can find suitable roles. 100s of new stage & theatre opportunities are added each month so there will be something new every time you log on. When you sign up for an account you can create email alerts to make sure you don't miss your dream job.

Our handy filters let you narrow down your search. Let's say you only want to see theatre jobs near you, simply use the location option, this could be; London or Leeds, Bristol or Birmingham, Edinburgh or Essex, anywhere in the UK. You can also select what type of job you'd like to do, such as a theatre or events. Finally, if you have a keyword you'd like included in the listing you can search for that as well.

As a Lighting Technician you could consider the following roles as well:
- Lighting Programmer
- Lighting Director
- Lighting Designer

Lighting Technicians should expect to find jobs on the following types of projects:
1) exhibitions
2) live events
3) theatre shows
4) West End shows
5) festivals
6) gigs & concerts
7) cruise ships
8) film/TV sets (sometimes)

In your role you will work closely with the Light board Operator and Technical Stage Manager making sure the show or project runs smoothly. Your duties can be physically demanding as you move and set up lighting equipment. You will help the director create separations of light and dark on the stage, creating a depth of field or creating visual effects. You may also be required to lay cables and install lamps.

You will find junior or entry level positions, as well as more senior postings for those further through their careers. Roles are often full time & permanent, with the salary being listed per year. Some employers will employ Lighting Technicians on a short term basis to help prepare a single show, with these salaries being flat fees or by the day/week.

Each and every job is manually reviewed by Mandy staff before they appear on Mandy Stage UK so you apply knowing that each meets our minimum salary requirements, that all employers are reputable and that the job vacancy is currently live.

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