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So you're looking for a Technical Stage Manager (TSM) job? At Mandy Stage UK (formerly Stage Jobs Pro) we have openings across all theatre departments...
So you're looking for a Technical Stage Manager (TSM) job? At Mandy Stage UK (formerly Stage Jobs Pro) we have openings across all theatre departments including stage management. Our jobs board is curated by our dedicated recruitment team to include exclusive opportunities and those sourced from across the web to create our members a one-stop-shop of theatre roles. We list new job vacancies daily, so you will find a relevant positions each time you log in. Roles can be found across the UK, whether you are in Nottingham or Birmingham, Cardiff or Glasgow, Liverpool or London we'll have something to interest you.

We understand that you'll likely want to see theatre jobs near you so we've included a location filter that will let you narrow your search to only show TSM roles local to you.

We want our members to have the best experience when applying for new theatre roles and part of this is making sure that any roles you apply for are still accepting applications. The team at Mandy manually review every job included on the website so you can relax knowing that you're only spending your valuable time on jobs that are available. We also ensure that all listings comply with minimal salary requirements and that the employers are reputable.

As well as being able to filter by location you can also search by keyword or job type, which will show you opportunities within certain formats, such as:
- Opera
- Cruises
- Tours
- Theatres

As the TSM you have a lot of pre-production and show time responsibilities. You will usually have all the responsibilities of the Stage Manager with additional duties in the A/V field. You may be recruited in to work on:
- a tour
- a single show
- an entire season
- educational runs in schools

As a Technical Stage Manager you have developed an advanced skillset and therefore you may also be interested in these similar positions:
Assistant Stage Manager
Stage Manager
Technical Stage Manager
Production Stage Manager
Company Stage Manager

You may also want to consider lighting or audio technician jobs as well.

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