Theatre Wardrobe Assistant Jobs in the UK

So you work in the wardrobe and costume department and you are looking for a new role? Great! Mandy Stage UK (formerly Stage Jobs Pro) is the best pla...
So you work in the wardrobe and costume department and you are looking for a new role? Great! Mandy Stage UK (formerly Stage Jobs Pro) is the best place to search for suitable performing arts jobs. We list 100s of new jobs every month, including Wardrobe Assistant positions from every corner of the country. This means that if you are looking for work in London Glasgow, Leeds or Sheffield, Bristol or Cardiff you will find work near you.

As a Wardrobe Assistant you will be involved in costume and wardrobe department of a theatre production. This department has plenty of room of growth and career development. We list jobs of differing experience levels and in similar departments, so may therefore be interested in applying for the following roles:
- Deputy Wardrobe Manager
- Wardrobe Manager
- Wardrobe Supervisor
- Costume Assistant
- Costume Supervisor
- Costume Design

We list jobs across the entire sector and you can expect to find:

1) West End jobs
2) work in local theatres
3) roles aboard cruise ships
4) entry level positions for graduates
5) work on dance shows
6) jobs with major producers such as The National Theatre

We manually vet each job before it is added to Mandy Stage UK. We do this so that our members can be sure that every opportunity they see complies with our minimum salary policy, that the employer is reputable theatre arts institution and the job vacancies are active. You can apply filters to the list of jobs below to further narrow your search. If you want to find theatre jobs near you, simply use the location filter. If you want a specific keyword to be included that is also possible. The 'Job Type' option allows you to search for the type of environment you will work in, such as:

1) Theatre
2) Opera
3) Touring productions
4) Cruise liners
5) Etc.

When you have found a role that you would like to apply for simply create a free Mandy account and start enjoying the benefits of our a 30 day trial of Mandy Premium. Don't worry, there are no credit card details required and so it won't auto-renew. A Premium account allows you to apply for all roles featured on the Stage UK website; you also get access to exclusive perks and reserved for premium members. Start applying for your next job today and progress your career in drama and theatre production.

Jobs Board

  • Posted Date
  • 13th Nov 2019
    Salary: £8.96 per hour
    Location: Edinburgh
    13th Nov 2019
  • 12th Nov 2019
    Salary: On application per week
    Location: Southend and Wimbledon
    12th Nov 2019
  • 5th Nov 2019
    Salary: Competitive per day , Wardrobe staff are taken on as freelancers, but can be paid on a PAYE basis though our recruitment agency or be self-employed as a Limited Company.
    Location: Worldwide
    5th Nov 2019
  • 17th Oct 2019
    Salary: £575 per week
    Location: GRIMSBY
    17th Oct 2019