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So you are a camera operator looking for a new gig? At Mandy Crew USA you will find opportunities across the country, including film production hubs l...
So you are a camera operator looking for a new gig? At Mandy Crew USA you will find opportunities across the country, including film production hubs like California, Georgia and New York.

Camera operators regularly find work in both the film and television industries, with Mandy regularly listing studio jobs. In recent years more production roles have also become available within corporate environments. These include commercial organizations and digital marketing agencies, meaning more jobs exist outside the traditional entertainment sector. Video content has become more accessible and there is an increased demand for it; with brands using it on social media, on their websites and in-store. The need for quality video production has meant the demand for talented professionals has also risen. This gives camera operators other options, who maybe don't want to work on TV shows or movies.

We have both entry level jobs for camera operators and opportunities for those with more experience. Mandy Crew USA (previously known as Film & TV Pro) can help you find your next gig.

Employers can use multiple job titles to help find the most suitable crew. You should bare this in mind when reviewing the jobs available as you may be a suitable candidate even if the title doesn't match your previous roles. More often than not you have transferable skills that will mean you can excel in the new position. Factors that can change a job title include:

1) how experienced you will need to be, for example "2nd Camera Operator", "Camera Operator" or "Senior Camera Operator".
2) the environment or subject matter of the work, for example "Studio Camera Operator" or "Concert Camera Operator".
3) if the role is a hybrid position, for example "Camera Operator/Editor" or "Camera Operator/Producer".

Consider applying for roles that don't meet your current job title, because employers are always interested to hear from qualified candidates.

Most camera operator jobs are offered on a freelance basis, but that is not to say that full time permanent roles don't exist. If the role involves work on a film set, whether a feature or short, it will usually be freelance. The long term positions tend to come from corporate in-house teams or within digital marketing agency studios. If you are unsure if the job is permanent look at the pay. Generally if it is paying a flat rate, is paid by the day or per hour it will be a freelance gig. Salaries described as 'per year' are most likely to be looking for full time candidates.

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At Mandy Crew USA we manually review each job listed on the website! This means that are members can apply with confidence that all jobs are with reputable employers and have suitable rates.

The fields below can be used to filter by location, job type and keywords. Look through the list of camera operator jobs to find opportunities open for applications now. If you find a role that interests you can sign up for a Mandy account and submit your CV.

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