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So you are looking for your next cinematographer job? At Mandy Crew USA we list over 2,500 new jobs every month, so you can be sure to find work wheth...
So you are looking for your next cinematographer job? At Mandy Crew USA we list over 2,500 new jobs every month, so you can be sure to find work whether you are based in California, Georgia, Utah, New York or somewhere else in the US.

Mandy Crew USA (previously called Film & TV Pro) is a premium jobs board that specialises in crew work for both entry level production staff and professionals with more experience.

The cinematographer is a crucial member of a filmmaking team; as they are involved in every stage of development, from pre-production to post-production, and working on-set. They will look after multiple elements of the process, starting by working with the director to establish the vision and style for the film. On-set the cinematographer will look after the lighting and camera crew, so a strong working knowledge of these departments is crucial.

Cinematography is being incorporated more and more in the corporate world. Careers can now be forged outside of the traditional film & TV sector, with companies that are investing in video content for digital distribution. This could be commercials, videos for social media or website content. The standards expected for video output have risen dramatically in recent years, so filmmakers are finding more work outside of the entertainment industry.

If you would prefer to work in film & TV, Mandy Crew USA always has jobs working on music videos, documentaries, TV shows, feature films and plenty of short films. These roles could be with large production companies or studios like BBC America, Netflix & Disney, all the way down to smaller independent projects. As work is often offered on a freelance based you can continually use Mandy to find your next gig.

Job titles can vary a little, so it is worth keeping this in mind when you are applying for jobs. Sometimes an employer will request candidates with hybrid skills by asking for the likes of "Producer/Cinematographer" or "Director/Cinematographer". Other variants might tell you more about the location of your work or the desired output, such as "Wedding Cinematographer". A lot of these differences only require a slight alteration of your existing skillset, so consider reviewing and applying for jobs that you might not usually go for. Employers want to hear from passionate and qualified candidates, which might be you regardless of whether you've held exactly the same position before.

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We vet every single job listed on Mandy, so we can ensure our members only see the best jobs, from the best employers and with salaries that meet the requirements. You can use the filters below to further customise our curated list of cinematography jobs, such as by desired keyword, location or job type. Read all the relevant opportunity listings and decide which you would like to apply for. Once you have created a Mandy premium account you are ready to submit your application. Now that you have an account you can keep apply for jobs or return when you need your next gig.

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