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What does a composer do?

Recognised as a post-production role, a composer is someone who is skilled in creating score music to accompany film, radio, TV, and games. Film composers need to be versatile as directors will require them to compose in various different styles and create themes efficiently sticking to deadlines.

Whilst a composer has to be immersed in making music of all kinds and truly a musician at heart, they are also storytellers in their own right. It is important that a composer is narratively sound and can write music to pictures; can understand the plot, characters and their motivations in order to create nuances that coexist beautifully and enhance the scene. Read more

As the role is heavily technology-dependent due to mixing and digital editing, experience in computers is a must, alongside being skilled and passionate about writing music and film are essential.

Check out our interview with DC movie composer Rupert Gregson-Williams

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  • Posted Date
  • 01/15/19
    Film (Short)
    Salary/Rate: 400.00 flat fee , to be paid via PayPal
    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Film (Short)
  • 01/10/19
    Film (LB)
    Salary/Rate: contact for details per day , $300. flat rate
    Location: New York City
    Film (LB)
  • 01/07/19
    Film (Short)
    Salary/Rate: TBD flat fee
    Location: Chicago, Illinois
    Film (Short)
  • 01/03/19
    Film (Short)
    Salary/Rate: 150.00 flat fee
    Film (Short)
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