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So you want to find a Director of Photography job? Mandy Crew USA regularly has job listings across the entire country including NYC, LA, Atlanta and...
So you want to find a Director of Photography job? Mandy Crew USA regularly has job listings across the entire country including NYC, LA, Atlanta and San Francisco. With jobs for seasoned professionals and entry level candidates you will find your next gig on Mandy.

The director of photography is one of the most integral parts of a film crew. Working on every stage of a film or TV show's development, including pre-production, on-set and also in post-production. Tasked with planning how to bring the director's vision to life and managing a lot of crew members; you will be expected to have a good understanding of the lighting department & camera team.

Directors of Photography often find their career in the film & TV sector. They will also find work in related project areas such as music videos and commercials. However, there is a bigger call for this role within corporate settings. As companies invest more money in video content filmmakers are starting to join one-off projects within the corporate world or joining art departments in marketing agencies & online companies (that produce large quantities of video content).

For candidates that would prefer to work in the more traditional entertainment industry, Mandy Crew USA have multiple jobs working on TV shows, music videos, documentaries, feature films and a lot of short films as well. Work tends to be on freelance based, so you can keep returning to Mandy to find your next role.

Previously known as Film & TV Pro, Mandy Crew USA is your one-stop-shop for finding work. We list new opportunities every day and each role is individually reviewed by a member of the Mandy team to ensure it is of the best quality, pays a suitable salary and is from a reputable employer.

When you are looking for Director of Photography work it is worth baring in mind that the title is often abbreviated to "DP" & "DoP", so consider these when applying. Other factors that can change the title include the setting in which you will work, for example "Wedding Director of Photographer". Some employers will create hybrid roles that require multiple skillsets, such as "Director/Director of Photography". Regardless of whether you think a role that exactly matches your previous experience you should read all the relevant job listing because it is more than likely that you have transferable skills that employers will value.

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The fields below can be used to filter the jobs board to show just the opportunities that interest you. You can shortlist by location, keywords and job type. Check the list of DoP jobs currently open for applications & once you have found a role that is suitable, simply sign up for a Mandy premium account to submit your application. Remember to come back when you need your next gig.

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